Skills for health evaluate acup process CH_Ac1.pdf Prepare to assess the client for acupuncture CH_Ac2.pdf Assess the client for acupuncture CH_Ac3.pdf Agree action with the client (acupuncture) CH_Ac4.pdf Formulate the acupuncture treatment plan CH_Ac5.pdf Provide the acupuncture treatment CH_Ac6.pdf Advise the client on acupuncture related self-care strategies CH_Ac7.pdf Skills for health effectiveness of acupuncture CH_Ac8.pdf Review the acupunture and evaluate the case CH_Ac9.pdf

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Assess the needs of the client CH_HM1.pdf Provide a treatment and management plan to meet the needs of the client CH_HM2.pdf Dispense herbal medicines and products CH_HM3.pdf Prepare herbal medicines in batches CH_HM6.pdf


CHS40 Establish a diagnosis of an individual’s health condition.pdf

Microsystems Acupuncture

CNH24 Provide Microsystems Acupuncture to Clients.pdf MACRWG January 2011.pdf


CNH1.pdf CNH2.pdf