AACP Conference, Acupuncture Society Members are Invited

For the last few years, Acupuncture Society members have been Invited to the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Conferences Online

This year’s 2024 conference is to be at a venue in person, due to the AACP celebrating their 40th Year

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40th Anniversary – Annual Conference and Gala Dinner 2024

Meet the Speakers

  • Clara Cohen – Five Elements
  • Duncan Lawler – Effectiveness of Acupuncture
  • Stephen Lee – Electro-Acupuncture
  • Beverley De Valios – Acupuncture Oncology
  • Jay Shah – Myofascial Triggers
  • Paul Blacker – Auricular Acupuncture
  • Chris Norris – Pain and Headache

We will also be joined by television ‘Who Dares Wins’ and former SAS Soldier Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham who will be sharing some words of wisdom and inspiration.

Acupuncture Society Members can book their place here at the same payment rate as AACP members


The best way for Acupuncture Society members to book their place at the AACP members rate is to email directly to Sue at the AACP conference: sec@aacp.uk.com

you can then request to be invoiced at the AACP member rate, as an Acupuncture Society member







Acupressure Massage

The Acupuncture Society AGM Practitioner Forum are now on Zoom

This was our last in person Event prior to Covid 19 restrictions and lockdowns:

An AGM with a Difference:

Rather than just being a formal stuffy event, you will hear our guest speakers lectures and updates, and we will have an open treatment style and technique forum where our Members can demonstrate their special skills and we can all learn and exchange knowledge.




Elaine Slee (The Acupuncture Society’s British Acupuncture Federation Representative) will give a short update on developements within the British Acupuncture Federation


Amanda Shayle (The Acupuncture Society’s Vice Chair) will speak to give updates

Amanda will give an insight into the international side of her role for the Acupuncture Society.


International opportunities for training and professional development will include information about TCM Congress Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber, Germany and ETCMA.

Will Demonstrate the benefits of LED light therapy and vibrational therapy with tuning forks


Updates on health safety, training and practice for cosmetic acupuncture and Micro needling



Dragomir Lubamirov (Vice Principal of the College of Chinese Medicine) will speak about

Energetics of Acupuncture meridians:


The Acupuncture meridians are the principal organistional and controlling system in the human body. They govern and finely tune the metabolic state of all body tissues in order to produce an integrated, coherent and self-regulating living organism. TCM theory stipulates that the meridians control the circulation of vital substances (Qi, Blood, etc.), which encompasses much more than water, nutrients, oxygen and chemical signaling molecules (hormones). Beside all that, meridians are predominantly conduits of information transmission to the tissues.


This presentation will focus on the biophysical properties of the acupuncture meridians as pathways of conduction for all types of energy:

















Paul Robin (Acupuncture Society Chairman) and will give a short lesson with explanations of how apply Scalp Acupuncture in your clinical practice using easy to understand original diagrams. He will demonstate its use as an Acupuncture Microsystem as well as a Brain Healing System

This amazing, practical and incredably useful technique can help with those conditions where other techniques often fail. It works through the brain mapping system and cranial nerves, also its a microsystem. Its commonly used in Chinese and Japanese Hospitals for Stroke, Parkinsons and Neurological illness, as well as being useful for Musculoskelital and Common Acute Health Conditions


Members are welcome and encouraged to demonstrate thier special skills:

We will have treatment couches set up and any member can show us their speciality.
We are hoping to create good member relations and promote excellance within our profession

(Members wishing to show case their skills and share them with our membership are welcome to do this at no extra charge)

Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to attend this event and also if you wish to be allocated a time slot to show case your skills

Reserve your place by emailing; acusoc@yahoo.co.uk or Click Here