Special Treatment Licensing Exemptions Hounslow Environmental Health

Acupuncture Society Members practising in Hounslow area

Please note:

Members practising TCM and Oriental Health Treatments are exempt from Special Treatment Licensing in Hounslow

Members practising Cosmetic Acupuncture and other Cosmetic Treatments are outside of licensing exemption and will require special treatment licensing in order to offer these treatments at your premises.

Members who are HPC registered are fully exempted from Special Treatment Licensing in Hounslow

All members practising or wishing to practice in Hounslow must write a letter to Hounslow Environment Health Special Treatment Licensing Department informing of your proposed or currant address of practice, include your name, the therapies you practice. Following receipt of your application letter, Hounslow Environment Health team will contact you directly to advise on health and safety requirements and may also require an inspection.

Members deemed by environmental health as exempted, and who are not offering cosmetic treatments will not be required to pay special treatment licensing fees, but fire hygiene and safety inspections may be made by a local council officer.

If you have any further or special queries please email William Opere William.Opere@hounslow.gov.uk