Rules of Membership of The Acupuncture Society

The Acupuncture Society is a professional body of Traditional and Medical Acupuncturists, Chinese and Oriental Herbalists, also Acupressure, Tuina, Shiatzu, Reflexology, Thai,  Ayurvedic and Unani Massage therapies and many other Oriental therapist practitioners.
It was formed to promote the development and improve professional standards of these therapies with a view to assimilating them into the UK’s medical mainstream

We aim to preserve and further develop the original Chinese and Oriental medical traditions whilst at the same time to serve as a bridge to complement modern western therapies for the greater benefit of patients.

Members have undertaken to operate within high professional and ethical standards which are reflected in the Societies Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations, Code of Safe practice, Complaints procedures, CPD Log and insurance requirements.

General Membership Information

There are different types of Verified Membership of The Acupuncture Society.  Membership is renewed on an annual basis subject to compliance with the Society’s Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations and submission of copies of Practitioner’s Qualifications, Insurance, First Aid Certificate, annual CPD must be logged on the Application/Renewal submission form the button is on on the top of our homepage, also if appropriate copies of local authority special treatment licenses (in areas where members of the Society are not exempted. Please check this with your local environmental health special treatment licensing department).

The annual membership fees are:

1) All Styles of Acupuncture and or Chinese and Oriental Herbal Medicines – £100 (includes full body and specific use and Traditional and Medical Acupuncture and/or Chinese and Oriental, Ayurvedic and Unani Herbal Medicine as well as all TCM auxiliary therapies like Moxa, Cupping, Hijama, Electro-stimulation, Chinese, Asian and  Oriental Massage etc.)

All Acupuncture styles include Traditional, TCM and Specific use Medical Acupuncture:

Traditional TCM Acupuncture
Medical Acupuncture
Dry Needling
Auricular Acupuncture
Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture
Clinical Acupuncture
Spinal Acupuncture
Orthopaedic Acupuncture
Korean Hand Acupuncture
Derma Roller Practitioner
Scalp Acupuncture
Sacred Turtle Abdominal Acupuncture
Japanese Acupuncture

2) Chinese and Oriental Massage Therapies – £50 (includes Oriental Massage/Healing and auxiliary therapies like moxa, cupping, tens etc)

Meridian Stretch Massage
Qi Gong Healing
Korean Hand Massage
Unani Massage
Ayurvedic Massage
Oriental Diagnosis
Cupping therapy
Traditional Thai Massage
Oriental and Chinese Massage
Oriental Orthopaedic Massage Therapies

3) Chinese, Asian and Oriental Herbal Medicine includes:

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Japanese Herbal Medicine
Thai Herbal Medicine
Korean Herbal Medicine
Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine
Unani Herbal Medicine
Vietnamese Herbal Medicine

Practitioners must only apply for membership in therapies for which they are qualified/certified in, and are obliged under our ethical rules to work within their scope of practice and to refer on to a more suitable therapist/doctor when the clients’ condition is not appropriate for their particular type of treatment, for insurance and trades description purposes you are responsible to ensure that your listing information and noted therapies are correct and backed up by certification.

Student Membership

Student members are not entitled to practice until they have received their qualification certificate except under supervision or during home case study assignments for which they have arranged student cover. They are not allowed to use the Society Abbreviations until they have been accepted as a practicing member & they must have read the societies code of ethics & conduct and completed the CCM Student/Graduate membership application form prior to the commencement of their particular courses.

Student cover for home assignments (where no fees are charged and the cases are noted as part of your home study requirements) can be arranged click here for student insurance details (this must be done prior to treating other students or friends and family on home assignments)

Membership can be suspended at any time pending an investigation on conduct
matters or due to breaches of the  Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations.

The Acupuncture Society recommends that member undertake 20 hours per year
of Continued Professional  Development. This can include 10 hours of practitioner research and 10 hours of
attendance of specialist courses/seminars/workshops relating to their primary therapy or attendance and  participation in our forums
program where TCM practitioners can get together informally to discuss treatments
and techniques. Annual submission of CPD is required on our CPD Log Form

Verified Overseas Membership

Practitioners of any Oriental Treatment Therapy living and working overseas who send in copies of insurance and certification documentation for verification by the Society this costs £100 per annum and they will be entitled to use the initials MAcS after their names to enquire Email:

Overseas Members will receive our Membership Certificate and membership number

Society Abbreviations

As a member you can simply use MAcS as all our members therapies are joined together under our professional standards and codes of safety and ethics

If you prefer you can add abbreviations to include your specific principle therapy:

MAcS TCM – Full TCM Member of The Acupuncture Society.
FAcS – Fellow of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS CHM – Member Practitioner of Chinese Herbal Medicine.
MAcS AU – Auricular Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS AP – Acupressure Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS CM – Chinese Massage Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS CA – Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS DM – Dermaroller Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS OA – Orthopaedic Acupuncture Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS SP – Spinal Acupuncture Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS CL – Clinical Acupuncture Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS QG – Qi Gong Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS KHA – Korean Hand Acupuncture Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS KRH – Korean Herbal Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS KHM – Korean Hand Massage Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS JPA – Japanese Acupuncture Member of The Acupuncture Society
MAcS JPH – Japanese Herbal Member of The Acupuncture Society
MAcS SC – Scalp Acupuncture Member of The Acupuncture Society
MAcS MSM – Meridian Stretch Massage Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS CP – Cupping Therapy Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS OD – Oriental Diagnosis Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS TUI – Tuina Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS ANM – Anmo Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS SH – Shiatzu Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS OM – Oriental Massage Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS RFX – Reflexology Member of The Acupuncture Society
MAcS AYM – Ayurvedic Massage Member of The Acupuncture Society
MAcS AYH – Ayurvedic Herbal Member of The Acupuncture Society
MAcS UNM – Unani Massage Member of The Acupuncture Society.
MAcS UNH – Unani Herbal Member of The Acupuncture Society..
MAcS OVM – Overseas Oriental Treatment Therapist Member of The Acupuncture Society

Where a member practices more than the one above therapies the abbreviations

for each additional therapy can be added for example MAcS SpCA

Requirements for becoming a member of the Acupuncture Society

The Acupuncture Society accepts:

a) Graduates/Students of the College of Chinese Medicine

b) Practitioners of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine who have completed
a 5-year professional course in mainland China. (applicants must send in copy´s of
their certificate of training and their CV in English, they should have completed
a first aid course either here or in China.

All applicants must make a declaration that their English is up to level 6.5 standard & if not please state if you are working with a translator or not if you are not sure of your standard we can interview you to assess your communicative skills.

c) Graduates of Degree and Degree Level TCM and Oriental therapy courses

d) Certified practitioners of Specific Use Acupuncture

e) Oriental Massage Therapists

f) Practitioners of Oriental and TCM therapies

g) Practitioners with Diplomas/Certificates in Acupuncture and or Oriental and TCM therapies

h) Health Professionals who have attended Specific use Medical or CPD Acupuncture courses

All members are obliged to adhere to the society´s code of ethics, rules and
regulations, and must be fully insured,  keep accurate patient and tax records and
operate in a legal and professional manner and complete 20 hours of CPD per year.

Members must forward to the society annually the following documents:

A valid certificate of professional indemnity insurance

A copy of sharps disposal contract (Not applicable to Acupressure and Oriental massage and members not administering needle therapies) or an explanation of how their needles are disposed of within their working environment.

The annual membership renewal fee of £50 or £100 whichever is applicable

Members are recommended 20 hours of Continued Professional Development per year (10 Hours of profession-related courses or seminars and 10 Hours of home study/research) please keep a log of your CPD to be submitted annually on our CPD Log Form

All applicants must declare that they have attended a first aid course or that they are about to do so.

All applicants must declare if they have a criminal record or any health condition which may affect their ability to practice.

Click the button below to apply for membership.

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A) Training or CPD Certificates, Degrees or Diplomas;

B) Copies of their Professional indemnity
insurance if they have a policy in place (Practitioners requiring professional indemnity cover must first apply for membership and after receiving their membership certificate and number can quote this to our recommended insurers to get their insurance cover);

C) Details of attendance first aid course and current validity (or state intention to enrol on one as soon as possible on a new one to update skills). Certificates which are not in English must be accompanied by a translation;

D) Make the £100 subscription on your application form submission, for Acupuncture and Chinese or Oriental Herbal practitioner membership (includes full body and specific use Acupuncture and/or Chinese or Oriental Herbal Medicine as well as all TCM auxiliary therapies like moxa, cupping, electro-stimulation, oriental massage etc.) or ;

E) Make the £50 subscription for Oriental Massage Membership (including Tuina, Acupressure, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Oriental massage therapies and other auxiliary therapies like moxa, cupping etc) details of criminal record and other declarations are submitted on our online submission form, you also must inform us if you have difficulties communicating in English and you must also keep proper treatment and accounting records.

For all other enquiries please Email:

You can join here by clicking Join Now at the top left of the webpage