Practice Insurance

The following private medical insurance companies should cover treatments carried out by Acupuncture Society members:

Pay Care
Simply Health
Healthshield (will cover Acupressure)

Some of these companies require that their insured clients are referred by recognised medical specialists.

Members are advised to check first with each insurance company before accepting insured patients and to establish the extent of cover and to which therapies each company will reimburse practitioners fees.

However, there are limitations on all of these policies and their policies differ, not just between the companies but on the level of cover the patients pay for.

Some have financial limits, so will allow treatments up to a certain cost. Some allow, say 6 treatments.

It is very important that before you take on a patient who says that they are covered by insurance, you ask them to check beforehand to make sure they will be paid out.

All you need to do is provide a receipt to your client, who then claims against their policy. 

Some of insurance companies may require you to be registered with them first, but ask your patient to check and if so you can then register.

The problem is the limitations. Once the financial level is reached, most patients stop the treatment and you can’t blame them. They are paying for cover so don’t want to have to pay you too. But it can be an advantage.

If you have any particular experiences of these companies, good or bad that you would like to share, please let me know.

We are looking into expanding the list of insurers who recognise us. If you have had a payment covered by a different company, again, please let us know via email or our contact form: and we will contact them with a view to adding to the list.